Who is Mojo Custom?

Who is MojoCustom?

Well that would be me…


My name is Heidi Spilman.  I was born 7-13-1970, you do the math…

I have had a lot of titles in my life.  Daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, grandmother.   The one that pushes me to do what I do is widow.  In 2009 after 18 years of marriage my husband was killed in an accident.

I had already started Mojo with Mickey Torres while living in Atlanta.  He taught me about my camera and the business world.  After my husband died I knew I needed something to focus on.  I moved back to Alabama from Atlanta and went to work on learning all I could about my craft that I wanted to make my profession.

I am excited that both of my daughters enjoy exploring their own creative side and have very unique ways of expressing themselves.  So my little hobby truly has turned into a family event.

I have a people personality.   I love interacting and being in the middle of life.  I am not a sideline girl.  Race, Religion, Sexual Preference, Ethnic Background nor who you were in a past life matter to me.  I believe that if you put out good energy that is what you get back and karma takes care of the rest.

I love every part of my work and my personal life and I try to make each day count…

Carpe Diem