Who is Mojo Custom?

Who is MojoCustom?

Well that would be me.  My name is Heidi Burger.

Who is Heidi Burger?

I have had a lot of titles in my life.  Daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, grandmother.   The one that pushes me to do what I do is widow.  In 2009 after 18 years of marriage my husband was killed in an accident.

I had started Mojo while living in Atlanta.  I understood my camera but a friend taught me more about the business world.  After my husband died I knew I needed something to focus on.  I moved back to Alabama from Atlanta and went to work on learning all I could about the craft that I wanted to make my profession.

I have a people personality.   I love interacting and being in the middle of life.  I am not a sideline girl.  Race, Religion, Sexual Preference, Ethnic Background nor who you were in a past life matter to me.  I believe that if you put out good energy, that is what you get back and karma takes care of the rest.

I love every part of my work and my personal life and I try to make each day count…

Carpe Diem

7-24-2020 Update…   I met a man and fell in love in 2016.  We were married in 2018.   I moved to Huntsville and decided I needed to make some changes.  I took a break from MOJO as I was a newlywed.  On a recent adventure my fire for my camera was ignited once again. He has became my biggest fan and supports me and my dreams.

Larry Burger, Thank You for believing in me and joining me on this adventure.

With that said I am back and motivated!