As women sometimes we get caught up in life and being a mom and forget that we are still sexy sexual creatures and we should be celebrated as such.

I was fortunate enough to be married to a man that appreciated me and was honest about his love for the visual.  He would even take pics of me and I loved that as it boosted my own self pride.

I chose to add boudoir photography after having several very frank discussions with women about spicing things up and what I saw in the end result was more powerful that you could imagine.  Shoots started for their partner to show him they were still the woman they met and dated  but once I shared the finished product it was clear.  The partners always saw them that way it was the women that had forgotten to take time for them and to be proud of who they are.  After seeing a few tears from ladies that realized they were still beautiful and could see themselves the way I did with my camera it was easy to know this is truly a service I want to provide.

I would love to help you find yourself in some tasteful erotic fantasy photos.  Hey bring your guy or girl along they might enjoy some camera time too…

I do photograph entertainers and models.  If you need a safe comfortable environment I assure you that you will be pleased with the discretion I offer.